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Data Storytelling with Tableau – Flights across the United States 2019 ✈️

The chart in our previous blog-post had us presenting you a Table using Microsoft Excel which was neat, although in this post we go one step (actually several steps;) further into Analysis by representing the data points using Tableau Desktop.

As a bonus to the previous post (27 cities) we have added 32 cities for you to decide and take that early Fall or Winter Vacation. Its not just about the map and choice of colors on the data points, but representing the flight prices state and city-wise on Tableau Desktop shows insights on the amount of savings almost every month of the year!

It can’t get easier than this and planning the next trip for the year just got cooler (literally)

“There’s been a lot of research in data visualization that’s been focused on exploration or analysis of data—but there’s a third part to it after exploration and analysis and that is the presentation of the data,” says Robert Kosara, Research Scientist at Tableau Software. “And that’s very important because you want people to actually take action.”

The cheapest month to fly both domestically and internationally is in January, according to a new report released by Hipmunk.

The travel site, found that booking at the beginning of the year can save you up to 37% on flight fares. The Map above shows Orange to Red Color as the Least savings. Larger Size and Darker Grey Color shows the Most Savings. The Data is Filtered on City, State, which keeps the 59 Cities. Also, the Size of the circle/cities represent the amount of savings.

Disclaimer: This blog post is recreated for better understanding by use of a modern style of writing and is purely published out of “joy of sharing data.” NickelandARhyme is not a paid website, nor is it affiliated with any company or sites mentioned in this post. Information (workbook-created by NickelandARhyme) can be accessed by the readers on the authors Tableau public profile.

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