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This chart will show you the least expensive months to fly to 27 different U.S. Cities

It’s never too early to start planning your next vacation.

Want to hit the beach in San Diego or Savannah? Avoid flying in March or even July.

The cheapest month to fly both domestically and internationally is in January, according to a new report released by Hipmunk. The travel site found that booking at the beginning of the year can save you up to 37% on flight fares.

Best deals for January include:

  • Palm Springs ($370 median, 37 % savings on peak price)
  • Orlando ($235 median, 36 % savings on peak price)
  • Las Vegas ($259 median, 34 % savings on peak price)
  • Denver ($202 median, 33 % savings on peak price)
  • Boston ($236 median, 29 % savings on peak price)

Summer may be the traditional vacation time—but it’s also when crowds and prices peak. After January, the second cheapest month to travel domestically is in September, right after kids head back to school and the official “vacation” season ends.

Planning your travel to anyplace for September ASAP is also a good idea. Flying during the onset of Autumn can save 25 percent from across the U.S.

Best deals for September include:

  • Oakland ($237 median, 34 % savings on peak price)
  • West Palm Beach ($294 median, 36 % savings on peak price)
  • Savannah ($333 median, 31 % savings on peak price)
  • Hawaii! Get 38 % savings on the peak price for both the Big Island and Kauai

Planning your travel to Hawaii for September is a good idea, especially when booking flights into Kailua-Kona on the Big Island cost a median price of about $536, while flights to Kauai are around $584.

Low-cost tickets to Florida are available if you fly into Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach in September — these destinations will save you 43% and 36%, respectively, off the most expensive fare.

Can’t go in January or September? Find a deal that fits your schedule. Use the chart below to find recommended destinations for every month of 2019:

When NOT to Go:

  • 12 cities have peak prices in November; 26 cities have peak prices in December
  • 63 % of all 60 US cities analyzed had their peak prices in either November or December
  • The most expensive month to fly overall? July, with a median domestic booking price of $424

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