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How to boost your Small Business?☁️

Even if you don’t know the first thing about CRM including what it stands for your business could probably benefit from it.

These apps help small business owners organize day-to-day tasks, schedule meetings, send invoices, send emails, and manage a database of customers.

As your business grows you can use a CRM to help you scale without sacrificing a personal touch.

For small businesses, all the CRMs we picked are:

1. ForceManager: CRM and Sales

ForceManager keeps track of all previous interactions between a customer and your company: sales calls, comments, phone calls, email, queries, concerns etc. It’s all there, accessible from a single screen right before entering that crucial meeting. The better prepared you are, the better the meeting – and the higher the sales conversion rate.

What’s more, ForceManager’s AI-powered, voice-activated personal sales assistant Cognitive can communicate this info, hands-free, to field representatives traveling between visits.

2. Salesforce

The Salesforce cloud is an on-demand customer relationship Management suite offering applications for small-midsize and enterprise organizations with a focus on sales and support

3. Contactually

Contactually’s intelligent CRM combines the best data-driven business tools so you can nurture your relationships by working smart and automating where appropriate, but always communicating in your own voice.

4. Zendesk (formerly Base)

Simplicity is important when you run a small business—but not at the cost of function. For businesses that rely heavily on the sales process, many simpler CRMs might not be powerful enough. Base is here to strike the happy medium.

Don’t let its clean layout fool you—Base can handle complicated sales pipelines with the best of them. The dashboard gives you everything you need to keep your fingers on the pulse of your sales process. View all upcoming tasks and appointments, a log of recent activity, a birds-eye-view on your current deals, and a progress bar tracking your annual or quarterly sales goals.

5. Agile CRM

Agile CRM provides a rich suite of features to help run your business, no matter what industry you’re in. Custom appointment scheduling pages. A flowchart-esque, drag-and-drop marketing automation tool. Regular deep reports via email. And these are only a few of the big-business features that Agile CRM offers free to small businesses.

6. Daylite 6

7. Pocket suite schedule clients

8. Nimble

9. HubSpot

10. Hey Market Testing for Teams

11. Cloze Relationship Management

12. Nutshell-Small Business CRM

13.Contacts Journal CRM

Every business has their own unique needs, the things their team needs from a CRM. That’s what makes it tough to say one app from a category is best for everyone, especially in a crowded field like CRM.

Some might need a CRM with more of a focus on deals, while others might need one that focuses more on the tiny customer details

Things like being budget-friendly, the ease-of-use, scalability, whether it’s a customizable tool matter a lot to Small business owners.

While larger companies have the luxury of a clear distinction between various roles and departments, small businesses need to be more flexible. Your customer support team, marketing team, and salespeople may all be pulling from the same database—so you want to make sure that the CRM you choose is useful to more than just your salespeople.

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  1. Thank you 🙏 Yes affordability is a factor. Most of the CRM tools listed here have their own mobile apps and I have not ranked them. This is just a list of few of the CRM ‘s I have come across and that I found them to be easy to use!


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