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What are the latest digital tools that will help keep your wallet in check? 📲

These mobile applications will not only help save money but make your everyday life hassle free

Here are the Top 15 Apps I think are great inclusions (number 1,5,8 and 11 on Spotlight )by money magazine and I am recreating the article – “33 APPS THAT WILL SAVE YOU MONEY” in this blog post

They will be the best contenders to stick around in your phone for Flights, Lounge access, Cars-rentals, Accommodation, Banking, Credit scores check, Shopping, and Food

Top Apps for Travel 🛩

1. Hopper– It’s always hard to be sure you are getting the best price on airfare, but Hopper helps eliminate the odds that you will severely overpay.

Not only is it a flight search engine, sifting through fares from 250 airlines and highlighting the cheapest day to fly, but Hopper also uses historical data to predict whether prices are likely to drop or increase shortly.

2. RoomerRoomer can save travelers money by enabling people to snag unwanted, non-refundable hotel rooms at steep discounts (often with discounts of 70% or more) You can also unload your own room to a traveler in need.

3.LoungeBuddy– You don’t need to be a frequent flier or pay annual membership fees to enjoy exclusive airport lounges.

LoungeBuddy offers one-day access at the airport around the world for as little as $25. The perks often include free food, beverages, hot showers, and business centers, as well as quiet escape from the typical frenzied scene airports, are known for;)

4.AirHelp– What kind of compensation are you owed when a flight is delayed, canceled, or overbooked?Or What if (god forbid 😱) your luggage is lost or damaged during a flight?

AirHelp will scan your boarding pass, and the service will track if and when you are owed money by an Airline. AirHelp says the average successful claim pays $450 to the affected traveler.

Top Apps for Budgeting & Investing 🐷

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5. CreditKarma– If you are trying to build up your credit, the Credit Karma app is an indispensable tool

The App provides users with a credit score sourced from Equifax and TransUnion. Although not s FICO score(which most banks and lenders use), it will give you a good sense of where you stand. You can also access and monitor your full credit report through the app, as well as get money- saving tips and ways to improve your score.

One thing to note: You will have to enter your SSN upon sign-up, and Credit Karma does share the information with Equifax, which underwent a major Data breach last year

6. SigFigSigFig‘s easy-to-use app is one of the best on the market for investors using robots-advisors for the first time.

The app enables you to get free, timely portfolio analysis and track all of your investment accounts in a single dashboard. Even if you don’t have an account managed by SigFig, the program will still calculate the optimal allocation of your holdings and compare your earnings with multiple times indexes.

7.PocketGuardPocketGuard nearly lays out all of your transactions and bill payments in numerous formats where you can set monthly savings goals and spending limits for specific categories like restaurants and entertainment. You can also add notes to payments to further detail transactions, which would likely be helpful for planning significant events like a vacation or wedding.

Top Apps for 🛒 Shopping

8. SavingStar- SavingStar lets shoppers earn cash back by tapping and then buying the current offers-which when researched included an easy payoff of 50 cents to $1 each for Annie’s Mac & Cheese, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Chex Mix, and Right Guard deodorant purchases

SavingStar works at nearly every supermarket chain, as well as warehouse clubs like Costco, BJ’s and Sam’s Club. The cash you earn is paid via PayPal or a retail gift card or directly to your bank account.

9. Cartwheel by Target- An essential for anyone who shops at Target, the Cartwheel app features a continually updated list of the retailers latest discounts and deals. Just add the offers to the Cartwheel app, go shopping and get your phone scanned at the store checkout to pile up the savings.

(9b. Walmart ‘s Savings Catcher: If you frequently run errands at Walmart, Scan the receipt barcode with your Walmart app. They will compare the prices and check top competitors in your area for advertised deals on eligible items, and You get the difference. If they find a lower price than what you paid at Walmart you get an eGift Card for the difference. I had personally used this app in 2014 when a friend suggested that I should not be throwing away my receipts and instead just scan them before I discard and I saved up some amount to purchase merchandise or grocery at the Walmart near me.)

10. Ibotta- Use the Ibotta app when you shop at Walmart, Target, BestBuy, and more than 250 other stores, and you’ll get cash back on stuff you are already buying paper towels, fresh produce even movie tickets and beer

The average new user earns $20 to $25 in the first month, says Ibotta

The other apps listed are Affirm, Boxed, BuyVia, Coupon Sherpa, GarageSales by Map, GeoQpons, Shopkick, and Poshmark.

Top Apps for 🥘 Food

11.OpenTable- OpenTable is the most convenient way to make reservations at any number of fine dining restaurants

But every time you book a table, you are also racking up points, which you can track on the app

Once you hit 1,100 points, you get a $20 reward to be redeemed at a restaurant affiliated with OpenTable, or you snatch a $10 Amazon gift card if you prefer.Granted, it will likely take you a little while, but if you eat out regularly, it’s a no-brainer.

12. Chili’s- Chili’s( 🌶’s) has something for everyone: bottomless chips and salsa, generously sized margaritas, and fajitas much tastier than their price gives them any right to be. It also has the best app of any chain restaurant you can find in mainly any city. You can place go-to orders and reserve a spot in line if you are dining at one of its restaurants and every dollar spent gives you a point. Your points can be used to redeem anything and everything, and the point system is powered by Plenti so you can use them at Macy’s, Rite Aid and other partners.

13. Starbucks– The coffee chains app recognizes your closest location and tells you when your order will be ready, so you can skip the line. If you are a regular, you won’t have trouble accumulating the 300 stars necessary to get Gold Status, which allows you to redeem every 125 stars for free food or drink item. Plus you get free refills.

14. Whole Foods Market- If you love Whole Foods but sometimes feel as though you’ve just unloaded your checking account there, you’re not alone. The app helps a lot. With it, you can save on your usual store purchases and browse the most current coupons, bringing down that weekly bill go household supplies.

15. InstaCart– The adage “Time is Money” has never been truer than it is today. Instacart helps you out by enabling you to browse and shop for food items at local stores and get them delivered on the same day. Plus the easy-to-use app saves you actual dollars by highlighting savings on select items and allowing you to add coupons. You have to pay a delivery fee, and at times, prices for items are marked up compared to if you went to the store. But for those working a side job or overtime, this service easily frees up valuable time to increase your cash flow.